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18 October 2014 |Impunity for multinational companies: when the State allows unaccountability

On Sunday 18 November, Sandra Cossart, in charge of Sherpa’s Globalisation and Human Rights (GDH) programme, will attend the 2014 FORMaCTION organised by Terre des Hommes France at the University of Paris VIII. She will take part in the debate “Which responsibility for which actors?”.

Resource depletion, pollution, land grabbing, labour exploitation. There is no shortage of environmental and human rights abuses by multinational companies. In the absence of regulation of their activities in other countries, both at national and international levels, multinational companies are free to act with total impunity.
And yet, States are bound to protect populations from the impact that those companies have on them. Engaged in an act of solidarity based on human rights, Terre des Hommes France invites you to find out more about multinational companies’ impact on development processes and the ways of addressing them by focusing on States’ legal obligation to protect the rights of populations. Free of charge and open to all, this day will be an opportunity for you to be informed, but also to meet, debate and make your voice heard alongside professionals and activists and with the special participation of two workers from Sri Lanka.

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Formaction 2014

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