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22 March 2014 | Conference “How to understand and put to good use the information provided by economic actors?” Marseille

22 mars 2014 Resic MarseilleSherpa’s Director Sophia Lakhdar will give a talk on 22 March 2014 at the conference “How to understand and put to good use the information provided by economic actors?” organised by Ingénieurs Sans Frontières (Engineers Without Borders) at the École centrale de Marseille during the Rencontres de la Solidarité Internationale et de la Citoyenneté (RESIC – Meeting of International Solidarity and Citizenship), the annual weekend of meeting and exchange, which will take place on 22 and 23 March.

Having access to information through the process of transparency is one thing, knowing how to deal with them is another. Can we solely rely on our own ability to rationally analyse this information to find facts objective enough and effective conclusions?
How can we ensure that citizens will understand this information? Tomorrow’s engineers will certainly have a role to play in this field. Once the civil society has understood these pieces of information, it will have to put them to good use in order to actually foster corporate responsibility.
To do so, NGOs could watch whether economic actors comply with their commitments regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and if they actually respect national laws and international agreements. To go further this way, we could imagine that actual transparency would pave the way for an open dialogue, and even for a co-construction between economic actors, Northern and Southern civil societies, and nations?

Access to workshops and conferences is free.

Practical information and detailed program are available on Ingénieurs Sans Frontières’ website.

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