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24-26 September 2014|Discussion Group on Human Rights and Businesses at the Council of Europe

Sherpa will represent the European Coalition for Corporate Justice (ECCJ) at discussions at the Council of Europe from 24 to 26 September. Sandra Cossart, Head of the Globalisation and Human Rights programme at Sherpa, will be in Strasbourg in order to participate in the Drafting Group on Human Rights and Businesses. 

Businesses, particularly transnational or multinational ones, have become more and more powerful. While they generally bring benefits to society by creating jobs, producing goods, providing services and generating tax revenues, they can sometimes have a negative impact on the enjoyment of human rights. The question of accountability for human rights violations committed by companies has been the subject of national and international debate.  

The objective of the Drafting Group on Human Rights and Businesses is to elaborate for the Steering Group on Human Rights (CDDH) a political declaration supporting the UN Guiding Principles, as well as a non-binding instrument that could include a guide to good practices addressing gaps in the implementation of the Guiding Principles at European level. The group will meet for the third time from 24 to 26 September. 


Item 1: Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agenda

Item 2: Keynote speech: Serge Bronkhorst, Managing Director, ACCESS Facility

Item 3: Election of a Vice-Chair

Item 4Information on recent relevant national and international developments

Item 5: Elaboration of one or more non-binding instruments

Item 6: Other business / Dates for the next meeting

Working Documents:
Draft Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member States on human rights and business (CDDH-CORP(2014)10) CDDH-CORP(2014)10
Relevant excerpts of the report of the 81st CDDH (CDDH-CORP(2014)11) CDDH-CORP(2014)11
Relevant excerpts of the report of the 80th CDDH (CDDH-CORP(2014)09) CDDH-CORP(2014)09
Comments from Members and Observers (CDDH-CORP(2014)12) CDDH-CORP(2014)12
Meeting report of the 2nd meeting of the CDDH-CORP (CDDH-CORP(2014)R2) CDDH-CORP(2014)R2
Reference Documents:
Corporate social responsibility in the field of human rights – Proposals and suggestions of issues for further consideration (updated version, June 2014 (CDDH-CORP(2014)007add.)) CDDH- CORP(2014)007add
Existing obligations of member States under Council of Europe treaties and other instruments in the context of human rights and business (CDDH-CORP(2014)08) CDDH-CORP(2014)08
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