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24 – 28 November 2014 | Corruption: Detection, prevention and repression

On 27 November, Sherpa’s President, William Bourdon, will speak at a conference on the topic of “Detection, prevention and repression of corruption” organised by the French National School for the Judiciary (Ecole nationale de la magistrature – ENM) and the Central Service for the Prevention of Corruption (Service Central de Prévention de la corruption – SCPC).

This session intends to train and to raise awareness among non-French professionals (magistrates and civil servants) who have to deal with acts of corruption and its likes and the prevention of such acts at administrative and judicial levels.

The session will allow participants to benefit from SCPC’s expertise and from various technical and legal tools best designed to detect, regulate and deal with cases of infringement of probity.

For this purpose, stakeholders of various sectors concerned (magistrates, police officers, university professors, senior officials, private sector representatives, NGOs) who have experience and knowledge to share in this field will be involved in a theoretical and practical session. The goal is to increase awareness on issues related to corruption in France as well as worldwide. 

Conférence WB CNM

ENM SCPC Conference Programme (only available in French)

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