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25 February 2014 | “Activist Lawyers” Conference in Brussels

William Bourdon, President of Sherpa, will speak at a conference entitled “Activist Lawyers” to be held on 25 February 2014 by the Free University of Brussels (ULB) as part of a lecture series dedicated to the new role of the lawyer.

The role of the lawyer is changing beyond recognition. More and more often, lawyers have to work together, advise on matters of compliance, intervene in arbitration proceedings and use new management techniques. From 4 February to 1 April 2014, these changes will be put under the microscope by a series of lectures on lawyers’ new roles organised by the Perelman Centre (ULB), in conjunction with the Brussels Bar.
Globalisation and the development of new information and communication technologies are bringing about significant transformations to law, as well as to the professional legal roles. The study of these changes often offers advantages to judges whose growing obligations of international cooperation and increasing use of comparative law studies are regularly highlighted. In this respect, the bar is the poor relation of research. However, it has not yet been left too far behind and could still lead the way where transformations of contemporary law are concerned. This lecture series will bring together legal theorists and practitioners to examine changes to the role of the lawyer which mean that lawyers are becoming the real sources of law in our global society.

The full lecture series programme is available on the Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy website

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