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28 February 2014 | AFDT meeting: “Southern workers, Northern justice: (finally) taking seriously corporate social responsibility”, Paris

William Bourdon, President of Sherpa, will speak at the French Association for Labour and Social Security Law (AFDT) meeting which will take place on Friday 28 February from 5:30 pm to 7:45 pm at the Palais de Justice in Paris (Salle des Criées). The subject of this meeting will be “Southern workers, Northern justice: (finally) taking seriously corporate social responsibility”.

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Presented by Antoine Jeammaud, Professor Emeritus at the Université Lumière Lyon 2, honorary President of AFDT


Raffaele Guariniello, Public prosecutor at the Court of Turin


William Bourdon, partner, Bourdon & Forestier Law firm

Philippe Langlois, Professor Emeritus at the University Paris X, consultant, Flichy Grangé Law firm

Jean-Paul Teissonnière, partner, Teissonnière, Topaloff, Lafforgue, Andreu Law firm


Entry is free and open to all, subject to availability.

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