Rédigé par 14 h 45 min Plaidoyer, Renforcer la responsabilité des entreprises multinationales contentieux

A lire : “Bending the Truth”, le rapport de Global Witness sur l’urgence des enjeux de responsabilisation des multinationales

A lire : “Bending the Truth – Purported rubber plantation on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island is a highly likely front for illegal logging“, le rapport de Global Witness qui montre l’urgence d’adopter des règles qui obligent les entreprises, y compris les institutions financières, à identifier, atténuer, prévenir et signaler les risques de déforestation, les dommages environnementaux et les violations des droits de l’homme.

Entre autres, le rapport nous apporte cette analyse et cette recommendation, que Sherpa partage :


In fact, what Global Witness has documented on Manus Island goes to the heart of the international financial system – which must take responsibility. Companies engaged in deforestation rely on credit, loans and financial services from major banks. Were this financial lifeline cut off, the harm they cause could be curtailed.”

« Governments should address the role of businesses headquartered, domiciled or operating within their countries in fuelling global deforestation. This should start by enacting policies and laws that require companies, including financial institutions, to undertake mandatory due diligence to identify, mitigate, prevent and report on risks of deforestation, environmental harm and human rights abuses.”

Dernière modification: 19 mai 2020