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Sherpa’s goal is to prevent and fight against economic crimes affecting groups of populations or their environment, that is to say:

–   Infringements of human rights (economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights) and damage to the environment committed by economic actors;

–   Illicit financial flows (money earned, transferred or spent illegally or unlawfully, for example in cases of corruption, money laundering, tax dodging) by economic actors.


Sherpa thus intends to:

–          Provide legal support to populations affected by economic crimes;

–          Fight against impunity for economic actors;

–          Contribute to better regulation of commercial activities and international financial flows;

–          Raise awareness of economic crime among civil society, economic actors and public authorities.


CAUTION: Sherpa will not be able to treat requests not pertaining to its fields of action, nor with disputes concerning individuals.

If you think that your request corresponds with Sherpa’s fields of action, please click on the tab below to fill in a report form.


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Last modified: 26 May 2015