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Recouvrement d’avoirs illicites | Basel Institute on Governance

Contribution de Maud Perdriel-Vaissière à l’ouvrage collectif  “Non State actors in asset recovery”, sous la direction de Pedro Gomès Pereira et Daniel Thelesklaf du Basel Institute on Governance.

Le livre traite du rôle joué par la société civile en matière d’identification, confiscation et restitution des avoirs acquis grâce au produit de la corruption (ou biens mal acquis).

“How to turn article 51 into reality ?”

La section à laquelle Sherpa a contribué analyse le seul outil de droit international qui traite de la restitution d’avoirs illicites : la Convention Mérida (ou Convention des Nations Unies Contre la Corruption).

Extraits :

“Although in the past the accumulated wealth of corrupt leaders was mainly recycled locally, i.e. within the limits of the victim state, globalisation led to increased internationalisation by allowing “greater mobility of wealth and the capacity to hide and disguise it” (Abraham Chayes).


The Convention dedicates a whole chapter  to stolen asset recovery (Chapter V), article 51 going as far as ranking it “a fundamental principle“. Such a goal is in itself lofty. The difficulty, however, lies in the fact that this Convention, as all conventional instruments, is highly state-centrist : made by states, for states.”

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