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Corruption in Mauritania, a gigantic evaporation system

Le 28 September 2017

Under-the-table transactions...
Find here the complete report : Corruption in Mauritania, a gigantic evaporation system  

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OPEN DATA : the extractive industries case-study

Le 8 December 2016

A spate of scandals hit the headlines in 2016, revealing the way in which some major companies have been involved in corruption, money laundering or tax evasion. The lack of corporate transparency that enables these practices needs to be tackled urgently. The huge amount lost by developing countries – essential to their development – could be used to fund basic services […]

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International corruption – changing practices: The Alstom Affair

Le 26 June 2015

In the face of illegal, corrupt behaviour that is threatening democracy, affecting social and economic development, placing an extra burden on public finances and stripping companies of their value at the expense of small shareholders and investors, questions need to be asked about the effectiveness of the means devoted to eradicating corruption. This is the […]

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Public Private Partnerships and Water Multinationals practices

Le 15 July 2006

Extrait : “The following study focuses on water multinational companies (WMNCs) practices observed worldwide at each step of their contractual relations with States within Public Private Partnerships (PPP). This study intends demonstrating, through a legal perspective, how some WMNCs practices might have contributed to their actual retreat of PPP projects located in developing countries and […]

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