Michelin in India: the civil society is heard ?

Le 9 October 2013

Michelin under construction
The Facts… The Michelin enterprise’s work lies across 69 production sites in 18 countries, particularly in India. There, the enterprise is constructing its largest tire factory on land made available by the State of Tamil Nadu, without the inhabitants of the area, mainly from the untouchable caste, having been consulted. The development work for this […]

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The Mopani Affair: Tax Evasion in the Copper Mines of Zambia

Le 7 August 2013

The Facts… Mopani Copper Mines is the largest copper and cobalt mining company in Zambia. In 2009, the Zambian government conducted an audit of the mine, the results of which revealed several anomalies, including an unexplained increase of 380 million dollars in production costs in 2007, as well as shockingly poor official production volumes in […]

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The Financing of Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign : Somewhere between corruption and influence peddling

Le 8 July 2013

The Facts… Shunned by the international community for two decades, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who came to power in Libya in 1969 through a coup d’état, returned to favor in the 2000s.   His country’s natural resources, particularly petroleum, played a key role in this policy reversal for certain countries, notably France, which signed a number of […]

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COMILOG Faces a Group of Former Employees

Le 23 June 2013

Train COMILOG - © Georges Dougueli
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo Company targeted: Comilog   An overview of the facts and proceedings…  The COMILOG company was incorporated in 1953 in order to exploit a deposit of manganese located near the town of Moanda in Gabon. Due to the distance between the mine and the Gabonese coast, a cable car linking the town of Moanda with the […]

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Ill-Gotten Gains – Congo Brazzaville

Le 15 June 2013

NEWS : Entretien Francois Hollande et Denis Sassou Nguesso - Paris - 08/04/2013
The Facts… Denis Sassou Nguesso became president of the Republic of the Congo in 1997 in the wake of a coup d’état and in a context of civil war that had taken its toll, with tens of thousands of lives lost or people displaced. Disputed election results, extravagant private spending, bank accounts abroad… For several […]

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Ill-Gotten Gains : Gabon

Le 7 March 2013

The Facts… President of the Gabonese Republic from 1967 to 2009, Omar Bongo Ondimba ruled Gabon against a continuous backdrop of suspected corruption.  On several occasions between 1997 and 2009, his name as well as that of his wife, Edith Bongo, appeared in connection with cases involving illicit financial flows, while Gabon, rich in natural […]

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Health of uranium miners at AREVA sites in Gabon and Niger

Le 22 December 2012

Santé mineur niger areva
The Facts… AREVA is a public limited company, 85% owned by the French state. It set up in Gabon and Niger, two uranium-rich countries, more than 40 years ago. It mined at the Mounana site in Gabon from 1958 until 1999 through its subsidiary COMUF, and since 1968 has mined the Arlit site in Niger […]

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Uganda Dam project: The EIB in breach of its own operational policies

Le 7 December 2012

The Facts… The Bujagali Hydroelectric project involves the construction and operation of a dam and hydroelectric power plant on the Nile, 10 km from the outflow of Lake Victoria. The project has been criticised for many years because of its potential to pollute the water and negatively impact on surrounding communities. It was founded on […]

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Ill-gotten Gains – Equatorial Guinea

Le 5 October 2012

teodorin Obiang
Country: Equatorial-Guinea, France Political elite targeted: Teodorin Obiang and relatives of the President of Equatorial-Guinea   An overview of the facts and proceedings…  Teodoro Obiang Nguema, president of Equatorial Guinea since 1979, quickly establishes an authoritarian regime allowing his family to collect money from oil revenues and other natural resources.  It is estimated that his clan’s wealth […]

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DEVCOT and forced child labor in Uzbekistan

Le 21 September 2012

Travail enfant Coton Ouzbekistan
The Facts…  Uzbekistan is the world’s 5th largest producer and third largest exporter of cotton.  The cotton industry in Uzbekistan is completely controlled by the state, which centralizes all production and which is the only buyer the local farmers can sell to.  This industry is the source of numerous problems: besides the damage it causes […]

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Alstom debarred by the Word Bank for bribing Zambian officials – Sherpa calls on for compensation to be made to Zambia

Le 24 February 2012

Paris, 24th of February – French company Alstom, who was condemned last November in Switzerland to pay a €42 million fine for having bribed foreign officials to win commercial contracts in three different countries, strikes again. The World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency (INT)  has just debarred two Alstom’ subsidiaries for bribing Zambian civil as part […]

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Public Private Partnerships and Water Multinationals practices

Le 15 July 2006

Extrait : “The following study focuses on water multinational companies (WMNCs) practices observed worldwide at each step of their contractual relations with States within Public Private Partnerships (PPP). This study intends demonstrating, through a legal perspective, how some WMNCs practices might have contributed to their actual retreat of PPP projects located in developing countries and […]

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