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Ill-Gotten Gains: The Public Prosecutor Requests the Opening of a Trial against Obiang



Paris, 26 May 2016


SHERPA and TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL FRANCE are pleased that the Financial Public Prosecutor has at long last signed an indictment of Mister Teodoro NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE, son of the President of Equatorial Guinea, for referral before the Paris Criminal Court.


Provided that the investigating magistrates soon make an order for referral before the Paris Criminal Court, a high-ranking official from one of the countries at the heart of the so-called Ill-Gotten Gains Case will be put on trial for the first time in France and even Europe.


Mister Teodoro NGUEMA OBIANG will be tried for committing several financial offences, including hidden investments, money-laundering, misappropriation of public funds, embezzlement, breach of trust and corruption.


The undersigned NGOs point out that this indictment is the result of an extremely meticulous and precise investigation, which succeeded in spite of the indicted person’s futile multiplication, in recent years, of every procedure imaginable in order to try to paralyse, delay and weaken the investigation opened in Paris following the Cour de Cassation’s 9 November 2010 ruling.


These proceedings were initiated in 2007 by SHERPA, followed by TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL FRANCE in December 2008.


In enabling these proceedings to reach this outcome, FRANCE is complying with the obligations that stem from its ratification of the MERIDA Convention (Universal UN Convention on Corruption signed on 9 December 2003), which requires States to participate in the restitution of Ill-Gotten Gains.


This restitution may of course not take place until a regime takes over in EQUATORIAL GUINEA which fully guarantees that the assets are in fact restituted in keeping with the public good and, therefore, with respect for the people of EQUATORIAL GUINEA.



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