Our legal research ​

Sherpa’s legal laboratory formulates innovative proposals for a legal framework that is more protective of individuals and the environment in our globalized economy. Internally or with academic partners, Sherpa drafts and publishes position papers, reports and articles, runs legal clinics, or participates in conferences on innovative topics. This legal research is deepened and put into practice in Sherpa’s strategic litigation and fuels its advocacy.


The association regularly publishes academic articles on its main topics, always trying to bring a practical and political perspective to the legal debate. Our work (articles, commentaries on draft legislation, analyses of law case, etc.) highlights some deficiencies in the law and opens up public debate on important policy issues.

Sherpa’s activities contribute to develop innovative solutions to change our law and adopt measures that are more protective of human rights and the environment.

Our studies and reports

Often along with its partners, Sherpa produces detailed reports on subjects that allow for a positive evoluation of the legal framework. These studies analyse existing practices in the light of legislative developments: the impact of certain industrial practices on deforestation, the effective implementation of the law on duty of care a few years after its adoption, etc. These detailed analyses feed Sherpa’s legal reflections.

Our Legal Clinics

Increasingly common in France, legal clinics were created in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century to allow students to learn the law in the field, in parallel with academic teaching.

Sherpa participates in legal clinics every year, convinced of the importance for students to combine theory and practice. Our clinics emphasise the importance of interpreting and using the law as a tool of resistance to defend victims of economic crimes and as a lever for transforming our societies.



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