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Do you share our values and want to demonstrate your commitment by supporting our actions and fights in the long term?

You now have the opportunity to become a member of Sherpa! You can finally support us by taking out annual membership, depending on your means.

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Tax Information

This contribution is similar to a donation and is tax-deductible.

The donation to SHERPA qualifies for tax deduction because it meets the general requirements of Articles 200 and 238 A, of the General Tax Code.

Individual: 66% of your donation is tax-deductible up to the limit of 20% of your taxable income.

Corporate: All payments to SHERPA enable the company to benefit from a corporation tax reduction of 60% of the amount of these payments, up to the limit of 0.5% of the company’s pre-tax revenues. For amounts over 0.5%, or in case of a loss year, the excess is carried forward.

Last modified: 25 March 2022