Corruption and embezzlement advocacy

Corruption is the perversion of a decision-making process with the aim of obtaining undue advantages for the corruptor through the complacency of certain unscrupulous political decision-makers. It undermines the fundamental principles of good governance, the equal access of citizens to markets, jobs and public services on the basis of merit and capacity. It blurs the notion of general interest, fuels mistrust of governments and diverts wealth that should normally accrue to people.
Sherpa evaluates French and international anti-corruption measures. Sherpa also formulates innovative proposals to facilitate the repression of corruption. It also carries out actions to obtain a transparent, effective and honest framework for the restitution of assets resulting from corruption and embezzlement. Finally, Sherpa advocates better protection for whistleblowers who expose corruption scandals, sometimes at the risk of their lives. Sherpa is a founding member of the whistleblowers’ centre.

France proves to Europe: bank transparency is possible

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1 July 2014 – In July 2013, thanks to civil society’s strong involvement and to the determination of some Members of the French...

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France: helping tax havens in the name of poor countries’ development

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17 June 2014 – A few days before the final passing of the orientation and programming law on development and international solidarity...

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The Islamic Development Bank drops funding for the expansion of the Nouakchott power plant in Mauritania

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Paris, 15 January 2014 –The Sherpa association was pleased to be informed on Friday, 10 January 2014 that the Islamic Development Bank...

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2013 Financial Secrecy Index: European Tax Havens blacklisted

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7 November 2013 – The Tax Justice Network (TNJ), along with the Tax and judiciary haven platform (la Plateforme des paradis fiscaux...

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