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CSOs and labour unions call for the EU to confront systemic flaws of private social auditing and glaring accountability gaps.

In an open letter, 15 human rights organisations and labour unions, including Sherpa, are jointly urging EU policymakers, including Didier Reynders and Thierry Breton, to address the systemic issues related to the role of social auditing. The letter highlights that corporate-controlled social auditing is deeply flawed and that social auditors must be held accountable for human rights or environmental harm in their operations.

The signatories call for a robust liability regime for all companies, as part of the upcoming corporate accountability legislation. All companies must be liable for human rights harms and EU institutions must ensure that multinationals cannot outsource their duty of vigilance to private auditors. As such, the NGOs ask that the upcoming legislation’s provisions explicitly exclude social audits and certification as adequate proof of human rights due diligence in a court of law or in any other relevant enforcement actions.

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Last modified: 2 December 2021