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Extractive industries: a missed opportunity for transparency, a victory for pressure groups

Paris, 18 September 2014, Oxfam France / CCFD-Terre solidaire / ONE France / Secours Catholique – Caritas France / Sherpa

This afternoon, the French National Assembly passed a bill compelling oil, gas, mining and forest companies to publish all payments they make to governments, country by country and project by project.

Despite the efforts of some members of the French National Assembly which resulted in improvements to the bill – especially the provision to citizens of free online access to companies’ reports –  NGOs observe that the text is just a minimal transposition of the Directive.

NGOs denounce a missed opportunity to fight tax evasion in particularly opaque industries, whose activities are note really beneficial to developing countries’ populations rich in natural resources.

Moreover, NGOs underline the influence pressure groups had on voting results.

Given such a pressure, elected officials were not able to seize this opportunity to implement a full reporting model in the industry that includes all countries [1], in accordance with the commitments of the French candidate and President François Hollande [2].

While the OECD is developing a country-by-country reporting model for all companies [3], and last July the same Assembly approved a reporting model from extractive companies everywhere including in tax havens [4], the lack of ambition of the law seems incomprehensible.

Nowadays, banks are the only businesses that report on the activity of all their subsidiaries worldwide [5]. It is now necessary to extend these obligations to all businesses, to achieve progress in the fight against tax evasion. Civil society calls on members of the National Assembly to take up the subject without further delay.

Note to editors:

[1] Reporting alignment proposals for extractive and forest companies had been put forward by members of the umbrella group Publish What You Pay France and the Plateforme Paradis Fiscaux et Judiciaires (Tax and Legal Havens Platform), which represent nearly 30 civil society organisations: http://www.oxfamfrance.org/communique-presse/industries-extractives/30-organisations-societe-civile-appellent-depute-e-s?utm_source=oxf.am&utm_medium=z4G&utm_content=redirect

[2] See in particular François Hollande’s speech: “First decision: every year French banks will have to make public the list of all their subsidiaries, all over the world, and country by country. (…) I want this obligation also to be applied at European Union level, and, in the future, extended to the big corporations”: http://basedoc.diplomatie.gouv.fr/exl-doc/FranceDiplomatie/PDF/baen2013-04-11.pdf


[4] Orientation and programming law on development and international solidarity of 7 July 2014 (loi n°2014-773)

[5] http://www.stopparadisfiscaux.fr/que-font-les-etats/la-france/article/transparence-des-banques-la-france

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