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The Islamic Development Bank postpones its decision to fund the extension project of the power plant in Nouakchott

Paris, 29 January 2014 – Sherpa wishes to express its surprise at the last press release issued by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) on 28 January 2014.

The organisation recalls that the IDB contacted us a few months after receiving a memorandum, resulting from a survey carried out by Sherpa’s teams, concerning the strong presumptions of on the fringes of various public or private markets in Mauritania these last years, including those relating to the Nouakchott power plant.

On its own initiative, the IDB dispatched two of its officials in order to meet up with the President of Sherpa, who received them for two meetings in Paris, during the week of 17 December 2013.

After fruitful exchanges and several written communications, the IDB decided, on its sole responsibility and after the examination of the whole file, to inform the President of Sherpa, orally at first then in writing, that the IDB :

« will not fund the extension project of the power plant in Nouakchott on the basis of a contract by mutual agreement with the Wärtsilä company. However, the IDB might discuss a new financing request regarding the extension of the project if the selection procedure is based on an international call for tender open to all contractors and suppliers ».

Sherpa organisation is wondering if there are pressures on the IDB while the Bank recently demonstrated its willingness to respect the compliance rules which should be the norm for all the international donors. It should be stressed that a “financing summit” has just been held in Mauritania, which enabled the government to release more than 600 million euros. Though, no new funding was signed by the IDB whose President was officially received by the President of Mauritania on 27 January 2014.

Sherpa underlines that the meetings with IDB representatives were very friendly and straightforward. The organisation remains of course open to dialogue, as it has always said.

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