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Public Private Partnerships and Water Multinationals practices

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“The following study focuses on water multinational companies (WMNCs) practices observed worldwide at each step of their contractual relations with States within Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

This study intends demonstrating, through a legal perspective, how some WMNCs practices might have contributed to their actual retreat of PPP projects located in developing countries and the repeated acknowledgement of failure of private financed projects made by international financial institutions.

It results from this around 60 contracts set of data that many asymmetries arise between public and private partners within an international market of private water services dominated up to 75% by only two companies. In this much concentrated market, situations identified worldwide reveal a position of weakness of the host countries in front of IFI requirements and WMNCs expertise.

This study gathers a large set of facts and figures that show how WMNCs use and may sometimes abuse of this weakness. In doing so, we intend to bring objective and pragmatic explanations on the cause of past and present conflicting situations opposing public authorities and WMNCs.”


Cette étude a été réalisée par Yann Queinnec en juillet 2006.

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