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Sherpa releases 46 Ideas for the regulation of transnational companies

Corporate Social Responsibility is still seen by many companies as a communication tool, rather than involving a real change to their strategy and aims. As scandals over corporate activities keep hitting the headlines, French organisation SHERPA acknowledges the failure of self-regulation and increases its efforts towards implementation of CSR. SHERPA‘s new book “Regulating transnational companies – 46 proposals”, released today, is a valuable contribution to the on-going debate.

With the backdrop of elections in the USA, Russia, China and France, all members of the UN Security Council, as well as 7 presidential elections in Africa and the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20) in Brazil, SHERPA’s 46 ideas aim to bring regulation of multinational companies to the top of the political agenda in 2012.

46 Proposals explains in non-technical terms the mechanisms giving rise to both corporate impunity and citizens’ suspicion of the globalized economy and financial markets. The objective is to contribute to the debate over corporate accountability and suggest concrete solutions. Legal tools are not meant to weigh multinational corporations down, but to help turn CSR into a reality.

Last modified: 3 August 2023