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Two years after the Rana Plaza tragedy: we must wait no longer to definitively pass the bill on the duty of care

23/04/2015 On the anniversary of the Rana Plaza catastrophe, civil society organisations request that the government announce the date of examination before the Senate of the bill on the duty of care, which passed a first reading on 30 March, 2015 at the French National Assembly.  Worried that progress of the text is being delayed, these organisations are calling on the senators to act in great number in favour of its adoption.

Two years to the day after the collapse of the “Rana Plaza” building in Bangladesh that caused the death of more than 1138 people, the victims are still awaiting justice and compensation in spite of the numerous appeals and actions of civil society.  The multinationals involved are still bean counting when it comes to compensating the victims, and the complaint filed against Auchan for misleading commercial practice by Collectif Ethique sur l’Etiquette, Sherpa and Peuples Solidaires – ActionAid France was dismissed.

Indeed, to date, the responsibility of the large international brands for which the garment industry factories of the Rana Plaza were working cannot be established in the absence of an appropriate legal framework.

In France, decisive progress has been made, with the bill on the duty of care passing a first reading by the French National Assembly on 30 March, 2015.  It is the result of patient work by civil society and tough deputies.  These new obligation of prevention and of respect for human rights by the big multinationals could nevertheless remain on paper only and never come into effect if the bill is not examined before the Senate.

Unfortunately, the government’s desire to see this text through is far from obvious.  When questioned during a session by Dominique Potier, who drafted the bill, Jean Marie Guen, Minister of State for Relations with Parliament, was careful not to announce a timetable.

On the anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy, civil society organisations are requesting a firm engagement from the government to get the text onto the Senate’s agenda and call upon the senators to rally support for its adoption.

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