Money laundering is the act of concealing the source of money illegally acquired. It is made possible by the use of complex concealment schemes through the use of tax havens and shell companies. Civil society, NGOs, whistleblowers and journalists regularly highlight the economic and social consequences of such practices. Indeed, they allow economic actors to hide the potentially fraudulent origin of their income or turnover (corruption, money laundering). In addition, opacity and arrangements are levers for ensuring impunity by exporting the harmful impacts of activities to less vigilant jurisdictions.
Sherpa denounces the shortcomings of anti-money laundering measures and wishes to strengthen them by advocating their real extension to financial intermediaries who make economic and financial crime possible. It also intends to shed light on the way in which sums used and obtained for environmental offences such as deforestation are laundered.

Op-ed – Making economic actors accountable by governing globalisation through law

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This op-ed has been published in Mediapart’s blog on May the 5th, 2020 The accountability of economic actors has been thought of at...

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The Balkany scandal lifts the veil on offshore mecanisms unknown to the public

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The Balkany trial must not hide the role played by bank and financial intermediaries in the proliferation of illicit financial flows,...

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European Commission “Tax transparency package”: when transparency continues to rhyme with confidentiality

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015 – Today, the European Commission published its new “Tax transparency package” in response to the...

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France proves to Europe: bank transparency is possible

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1 July 2014 – In July 2013, thanks to civil society’s strong involvement and to the determination of some Members of the French...

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