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Focus on: Can the proposed European directive on environmental crime increase prosecutions and sanctions for multinationals?

Advocacy, Environment and Climate, Legal Doctrine Articles, Research and Studies

13 September 2023 – In December 2021, the European Commission published a proposal to revise the Directive on the protection of the...

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[Opinion] Public Beneficial Ownership: Can the European Court of Human Rights save financial transparency?

Laundering advocacy, Legal Doctrine Articles, Sherpa in the media, Tax evasion Advocacy

Jean-Philippe Foegle, Advocacy and Litigation Officer at Sherpa comments for Business & Human Rights Resource Centre on the European...

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[Opinion] Corporate complicity in crimes against humanity: the Lafarge Case

International crimes, Legal Doctrine Articles, Sherpa in the media, Strengthening corporate accountability litigation

In October 2022, Lafarge pleaded guilty in the US to funding terrorism and accepted to pay 778 million dollars in fine and forfeiture....

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Sherpa’s contribution to “Human Rights Litigation against Multinationals in Practice”

Front page, Legal Doctrine Articles

In a collective book published by Oxford University Press, Sandra Cossart and Lucie Chatelain provide an analysis of different cases...

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Creating a Public Authority to Enforce the Duty of Vigilance Law: A Step Backward?

Advocacy, Environment and Climate, Labor rights and Modern slavery, Legal Doctrine Articles, Research and Studies, Strengthening corporate accountability advocacy

Sherpa publishes an analysis and recommendations with respect to the potential creation of an authority in charge of enforcing the French...

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