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Ill-gotten gains: request for an investigation in Canada.

Paris, 1st March 2018Ill-gotten gains: Sherpa and the Canadian Coalition against Ill-Gotten Gains collectively request an investigation about ill-gotten gains and money laundering in Canada.

 Today, the NGO Sherpa has urged the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to conduct an investigation on the purchase conditions of a considerable amount of real estate in Canada, by a number of African officials and their families, including some involved in legal proceedings in France.

Sherpa explains that this initiative takes place in close coordination with the Coalition against Ill-Gotten Gains in Canada and requests a global investigation, owing to this referral to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and to the recent initiatives taken by the Coalition against Ill-Gotten Gains in Canada.

Canada is one of the countries that has increased its commitments to fight corruption and embezzlement, ratifying the 2003 United Nations Convention against Corruption (known as the Merida Convention).

These commitments, in light of the elements presuming an allegedly illicit purchase of the real estate, require that an extensive investigation be quickly initiated, mobilizing sufficient means in order to identify and prosecute the perpetrators and accomplices of these financial offenses.

Press release from:
Sherpa and the coalition BMA Canada

For more information : presse@asso-sherpa.org

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