Environment and Climate

First climate change litigation against TOTAL in France: 14 local authorities and 5 NGOs take Total to court

Le 28 January 2020

First climate change litigation against a company in France: 14 local authorities and 5 NGOs take Total to court Paris, January 28, 2020 – Fourteen local authorities [1], together with the NGOs Notre Affaire à Tous, Sherpa, France Nature Environnement, Eco Maires and ZEA, are taking the oil giant Total to court, requesting that Total […]

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Local partners muddy waters of Total’s offshore contracts

Le 2 September 2015

Source : The Times- Marcus Leroux, September 1 2015 It was Bastille Day in the Republic of Congo and Total had a new contract to celebrate. The oil giant had secured a 20-year renewal on its licence to operate three offshore fields that already had produced about four million barrels of crude over a 30-year period. […]

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Procedures & Milestones : Moppani Copper Mines – Zambia

Le 20 November 2014

12 April 2011: Sherpa (France), the Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) (Zambia), the Declaration of Berne (DdB) (Switzerland), l’Entraide missionnaire (Canada) and Mining Watch Canada filed a complaint against the companies Glencore International AG and First Quantum Minerals Ltd to the Swiss and Canadian national contact points (NCPs) for breach of the OECD […]

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Procedures & Milestones : Michelin in India, the civil society is heard?

Le 20 November 2014

July 10, 2012: Submission of the NCP by Sherpa, Tamil Nadu Land Rights Federation – TNLRF (India), Thervoy Grama Makkal Munnerta Nala Sanga (India) CCFD – Terre Solidaire (France), Confédération Générale du Travail – CGT (France)20/09/2012 : Acceptance of admissibility of the entry by the NCP; November 16, 2012: Petition against Michelin put on line: available […]

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Procedures & milestones : Socapalm

Le 17 November 2014

Precisions : On 3 December 2010 Sherpa filed a complaint with the CED, FOCARFE (two local NGOs) and Misereor against the Bolloré Group (France), Financière du champ de Mars (Belgium) and SOCFINAL (Luxembourg and Intercultures (Luxembourg). The object of the complaint was to condemn environmental pollution in violation of OECD guidelines as well as violations […]

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SOCAPALM – Cameroon: a plan of action to remedy violations

Le 12 June 2014

Socapalm-unité de kienke
Country: Cameroun Company targeted: Socapalm   An overview of the facts and proceedings…  SOCAPALM (Société Camerounaise de Palmeraies) is the most important producer of palm oil in Cameroon. Formerly a state company, SOCAPALM was privatized in 2000 in the context of structural adjustment measures spurred by the World Bank and the IMF. PALMCAM (Palmeraies du Cameroun) became the majority shareholder with nearly 70% of […]

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MERCURY – French Guiana: A failure of the French government

Le 23 April 2014

The Facts… For the past several decades, French Guiana has been the victim of illegal gold mining practices. The use of environmentally unsafe processes, particularly excessive mercury use, is a veritable catastrophe with regards to the environment (e.g., contaminated water and soil), public health (e.g., cardiovascular problems) and society (e.g., violence stemming from illegal miners). […]

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Michelin in India: the civil society is heard ?

Le 9 October 2013

Michelin under construction
The Facts… The Michelin enterprise’s work lies across 69 production sites in 18 countries, particularly in India. There, the enterprise is constructing its largest tire factory on land made available by the State of Tamil Nadu, without the inhabitants of the area, mainly from the untouchable caste, having been consulted. The development work for this […]

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Uganda Dam project: The EIB in breach of its own operational policies

Le 7 December 2012

The Facts… The Bujagali Hydroelectric project involves the construction and operation of a dam and hydroelectric power plant on the Nile, 10 km from the outflow of Lake Victoria. The project has been criticised for many years because of its potential to pollute the water and negatively impact on surrounding communities. It was founded on […]

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