Tax evasion

Tax havens are a massive weapon for concealing the transactions of the ultra-rich and multinationals, helped in their opaque arrangements by a whole series of financial or legal intermediaries. Civil society, NGOs, whistleblowers and journalists regularly highlight the economic and social consequences of such practices. Indeed, they enable economic actors to hide the potentially fraudulent origin of their income or turnover (corruption, money laundering) and deprive many States of revenue, particularly tax revenue, which is essential for the provision of quality public services and thus for the realization of economic, social and cultural rights. Opacity and arrangements are also levers for ensuring impunity by exporting the harmful impacts of activities to inconspicuous jurisdictions.
Sherpa makes every effort to engage not only the liability of privileged companies and individuals practising tax evasion, and financial intermediaries which create the most complex financial arrangements to avoid taxes. Sherpa has therefore filed a civil claim in the Balkany case and has followed the investigation in order to highlight and denounce the financial engineering set up.

“Ill-gotten gains”: Rifaat Al Assad, uncle of the Syrian president, convicted in France for laundering to the detriment of the Syrian people

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Paris, 17 June 2020 – The Paris court sentenced Rifaat Al-Assad, uncle of Syrian ruler Bashar Al-Assad, to 4 years in prison in...

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The Balkany scandal lifts the veil on offshore mecanisms unknown to the public

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The Balkany trial must not hide the role played by bank and financial intermediaries in the proliferation of illicit financial flows,...

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Malta Files: call for an investigation to the Attorney General of Malta

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Paris, 04/10/2018 –  The French and Maltese Anti-Corruption Organizations Sherpa and Il-Kenniesa request the Attorney General of...

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Panama Papers: Maltese Attorney General should make the Egrant Inquiry Report public

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Panama Papers: Maltese Attorney General should make the Egrant Inquiry Report public The French and Maltese anti-corruption organisations,...

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The Mopani Affair: Tax Evasion in the Copper Mines of Zambia

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The Facts… Mopani Copper Mines is the largest copper and cobalt mining company in Zambia. In 2009, the Zambian government conducted...

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