Our issues: fighting for accountability in a globalized world

Defending Human rights and the environment: fighting against the excesses/abuses of globalization

Through its advocacy work, Sherpa promotes a world built on the respect of human rights and the environment.

We propose a vision of society in which the economy serves people and the environment. A political and social model that is more respectful of communities, ecosystems and workers.

Protecting the environment and the climate

It is time to recognize that economic globalization is at the root of climate change and the destruction of biodiversity. We can no longer ignore the critical role that large play in the destruction of our ecosystem. Governing globalization through law will require to hold liable actors who pollute the planet and hinder access to the primary resources necessary for all humanity. Sherpa seeks to establish a law that protects the environment and nature.



Protecting workers' rights and fighting modern slavery

The flagrant global disparities in worker protection, which enable multinationals in particular to maximise profit, encourage serious forms of labour exploitation that mainly affect women and children.

Combating impunity for companies that fuel armed conflicts and international crimes

While the prosecution and conviction of perpetrators of international crimes before international criminal tribunals is now accepted at both the international and national levels, the liability of corporations and their managers for the commission of crimes is hardly ever recognised. Multinational corporations working in conflict zones are likely to exacerbate armed conflicts and profit from human rights violations, particularly by dealing with those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

BNP Rwanda case

Voltalia case

French arms sales to Yemen

Addressing the root causes of poverty and resource deprivation in developing countries

The fight against illicit financial flows is a key element of development and poverty reduction policies. Illicit financial practices threaten the notion of public interest, affect the functioning of public services and fuel citizens’ distrust of governments.

Through its actions to fight corruption, money laundering and tax evasion, Sherpa wants to hold the economic actors who allow capital to escape from the countries of the South accountable. It is crucial to return the misappropriated money to the countries that have been robbed. These revenues are essential for the provision of quality public services and therefore for the realisation of economic, social and cultural rights.

Electrogas Malta Limited case: Complaint against several French banks for money laundering and concealment

Rio Tinto case: alleged corruption in the award of a mining concession in Guinea



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