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Redefining The Corporation: How could new EU Corporate liability Rules help ?


“In the current climate of questioning the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the achievement of sustainable development, the notion of ‘corporation’ is central. Corporate entities constitute the legal tool used by enterprises to run their business. In this respect a difference has to be made between the notion of ‘corporation’ and that of ‘enterprise’.

The aim of the present study, requested by ECCJ, is to provide a working paper for the conference to be held in London on 17th and 18th September. As the reach is wide and concerns heterogeneous legal regulations, Sherpa has been asked to focus on the relationship between company law and liability issues. In order to fit the limited time available, the study will concentrate on legal rules providing routes to limit the negative externalities generated by the activity of MNEs.”


Ce document de réflexion a été rédigé par Yann Queinnec en septembre 2007 pour ECCJ, et avec la participation de Joseph Breham, Clara Breton, Marie-Caroline Caillet et Eve Tessera.

Ce document n’est disponible qu’en version anglaise.

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