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Open letter – Corporate capture of global governance : The World Economic Forum – UN partnership agreement is a dangerous threat to UN System

Le 18 September 2019

Corporate capture of global governance: The World Economic Forum (WEF)-UN partnership agreement is a dangerous threat to UN System Open letter to Mr António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations   We the undersigned call on you to terminate the recently signed United Nations-World Economic Forum strategic partnership agreement. We are very concerned that […]

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Bollore SLAPP suits: Socfin and Socapalm withdrew their appeal in the defamation proceedings against Sherpa, ReAct and Mediapart

Le 15 February 2019

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Press release – 14th FEBRUARY 2019 Bollore SLAPP suits: Socfin and Socapalm withdrew their appeal in the defamation proceedings against Sherpa, ReAct and Mediapart On 13 February 2019, Socfin and Socapalm definitively withdrew their appeal in the defamation proceedings against Sherpa, ReAct and Mediapart. As a reminder, in 2016, the Luxembourg holding company Socfin and its […]

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Rafales deal in India : once more, a smear campaign is launched against Sherpa following our complaint against Dassault

Le 29 November 2018

Rafale Dassault Inde-min
Once more, a smear campaign is launched against SHERPA following the complaint filed in the Rafale case. SHERPA is used to initiatives aiming at discrediting its action every time these actions have targeted the bribe payers of the planet, being private or public actors. It must be reminded that contrarily to what has been indicated […]

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Sherpa, React, Mediapart, Le Point & l’Obs facing a defamation suit filed by one of Bolloré’s company, Socfin

Le 30 January 2018

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[January 25 2018] Public hearings will take place on the 25th and 26th of January before the 17th Chamber of the High Court of Paris. Follow with #OnNeSeTairaPas #Bolloré Today 25th of January, Sherpa’s trial for defamation will begin at 1:30 pm. The Luxembourg-based company Socfin is suing Sherpa for having published a press release on villagers’ claims against the activities […]

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Op-ed – We won’t be silenced by Bolloré gag suits!

Le 25 January 2018

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We won’t be silenced by Bolloré gag suits! Today, a court in Paris will begin hearing the defamation suit that the Luxembourg-based holding company Socfin and its Cameroonian subsidiary Socapalm have brought against three French media outlets (Mediapart, L’Obs and Le Point) and two NGOs (Sherpa and ReAct) over articles about protests by rural residents […]

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SLAPPs brought by VINCI against Sherpa: A New Victory

Le 4 July 2017

Paris, 4 July 2017 On 28 June 2017, the Paris Cour of Appeal rejected VINCI’s suit alleging that Sherpa had violated its presumption of innocence, which had been brought according to Article 9-1 of the Civil Code, following Sherpa’s complaint filed in March 2015 and which alleged that VINCI CONSTRUCTION GRANDS PROJETS and the French […]

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Opening of the Defamation Suit Brought by Vinci against Sherpa in the Case of the Qatar Construction Sites

Le 22 June 2016

Paris, June 22nd 2016 On Thursday June 23rd, the suit brought by VINCI Construction Grands Projets and its Qatari subsidiary QDVC against Sherpa will be heard by the 17th Chamber of the Paris Civil Court, starting at 1:30 pm.   Press Contact: Lisa Rieux, Communication officer : +33 (0)1 42 21 33 25 / +33 […]

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#StopTradeSecrets : Before the EU Directive has even passed, some Senators try to introduce trade secret protection in the ‘Digital’ Bill

Le 26 April 2016

Paris, 26 April 2016 On Wednesday 26 April, the Senate’s Committee on Social Affairs passed an amendment introducing the notion of trade secret in the Bill on the Digital Republic. This Bill, which is above all supposed to guarantee citizens’ access to public data, thus creates a discretionary right to secrecy.   Indeed, access to […]

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Trade Secrets: The Opposition Asks National Governments to Reject the Draft Directive

Le 21 April 2016

Brussels, Paris – 20 April 2016   The first reading of the Draft Directive on the protection of trade secrets, adopted last Thursday by the European Parliament, before the European Union Council (where representatives of Member States governments sit) is expected to take place on 17 May. The Council’s approval is necessary for the Directive’s […]

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Europe’s Answer to the Panama Papers? A New Right to Secrecy for Multinational Corporations

Le 14 April 2016

Today, 14 April, the European Parliament adopted (1) the Trade Secrets Directive. This Directive, which is supposed to protect companies against industrial espionage, was drafted with a complete lack of transparency by the European Commission, upon the request of a few French and American multinational corporations, and with considerable help from them (2). It introduces […]

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MEPs, On 14 April, #SayNo, #StopTradeSecrets, Protect our Freedoms and Defend the General Interest!

Le 12 April 2016

Will MEPs reject the Directive on the « protection » of trade secrets on Thursday?   Today, Tuesday 12 April, thanks to a coalition (1) of over 50 NGOs and European trade unions united against the Trade Secrets Directive, an online platform was made available to all European citizens so that they can call their MEPs and […]

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Jail term for villagers opposing Bolloré/Socfin’s palm oil plantations in Sierra Leone as trial of French journalists starts in Paris

Le 10 February 2016

Press release, February 10th 2016 A day before the start of yet another trial brought on the Bolloré Group against French journalists, organisations denounce the imprisonment of six local community leaders affected by the investments of Socfin Agricultural Company Sierra Leone Ltd (SAC)[1], a subsidiary of Socfin, linked to Bolloré.   A year ago, Shiaka […]

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