Strengthen economic actors’ obligatons and responsibility

CSO Open Letter to global investors and financial service providers

Le 18 December 2019


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Rejection of the law on the duty of care: the Senate votes for upholding the impunity of multinationals

Le 17 December 2019

On 18 November 2015, the senators have rejected, in a tense atmosphere, the proposed law relating to the duty of care of parent companies and contracting companies, an essential law for preventing future human or environmental dramas related to the activities of multinational companies. This proposed law must be entered with immediate effect onto the […]

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Open letter on the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT)

Le 9 December 2019

Open letter on the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) Dear Ministers, Commissioners, Members of Parliament and of the European Parliament, We are writing to you as concerned civil society groups and trade unions from member states of the Energy Charter Conference, which will hold its annual meeting in Brussels over the next two days (10-11 December […]

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Blog Post – Key legal obstacles around jurisdiction for victims seeking justice remain in the Revised Draft treaty

Le 4 November 2019

Sandra Cossart and Lucie Chatelain wrote a blog post on the Revised Draft treaty, “Key legal obstacles around jurisdiction for victims seeking justice remain in the Revised Draft treaty”, published on November 4, 2019 on the Business and Human Right Ressource Center blog as part of its symposium on the revised draft of a binding treaty on business […]

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Time for constructive engagement from the EU and Member States on the content of the Revised Draft of the UN Binding Treaty

Le 14 October 2019

Paris, October 14, 2019. More than ever, citizens are mobilizing for action to stop climate change and corporate activities damaging our shared environment, health and future. Fires in the Amazon point to complicity of mining, agribusiness and the food industry in demand and supply of products and materials causing deforestation and violence against human rights […]

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Citizens demand the EU stops stalling on a treaty to ensure that businesses respect human rights

Le 19 August 2019

Citizens demand the EU stops stalling on a treaty to ensure that businesses respect human rights This week saw the publication of the landmark revised draft of a UN treaty which aims to prevent human rights abuses by transnational corporations and other business enterprises, and close existing gaps in access to justice for victims. A […]

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Sherpa and UNI Global Union send formal notice to Teleperformance—calling on the world leader in call centers to strengthen workers’ rights

Le 24 July 2019

Visuel Teleperformance EN
  Paris, July 18, 2019 – French NGO Sherpa and the 20 million-member UNI Global Union formally put Paris-based outsourcing giant Teleperformance on notice today that it must comply with its duty of vigilance regarding human rights. Both organisations filed the warning because they do not believe Teleperformance’s vigilance plan meets the minimum requirements of the French Law on the Duty of […]

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Companies subject to the duty of vigilance under the radar of NGOs

Le 28 June 2019

Paris, 27 June 2019 – Two years after the adoption of the French law on the duty of vigilance, Sherpa and the CCFD-Terre Solidaire regret that the French government did not set up any mechanism to monitor the law. Today, we launch the website to identify the companies subject to the law and verify […]

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Zapotec community of Unión Hidalgo notifies OECD about probable human rights violations perpetrated by transnational company EDF

Le 15 February 2018

logo prodesc
PRESS RELEASE OF THE NGO ProDESC Mexico City, 8th of February 2018 Zapotec community of Unión Hidalgo notifies OECD about probable human rights violations perpetrated by transnational company EDF The indigenous community of Unión Hidalgo identified omissions and actions during the development of the wind park “Gunaá Sicarú” which could violate their human rights. The […]

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The International Monsanto Tribunal : publication of the ensuing legal opinion

Le 21 August 2017

The International Monsanto Tribunal is a unique “Opinion Tribunal” convened by civil society to clarify the legal obligations and consequences of some of the activities of the Monsanto Company. During the hearings that took place on October 15th and 16th in The Hague, judges heard testimonies related to the six questions posed to the Tribunal. The ensuing legal opinion delivered […]

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Petition on BNP Paribas and the Rwandan Genocide Against the Tutsi : We have Already Obtained Almost 150 000 signatures!

Le 6 July 2017

bnp paribas_pop-up
Paris, 6 July 2017 On 29 June 2017, while Sherpa, the SCRC and Ibuka France brought a suit against BNP Paribas for complicity in genocide, in war crimes and in crimes against humanity, these NGOS joined SumOfUs in launching an international petition (available in French, English and German) calling for financial institutions to be held […]

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Public Response by Sherpa to the National Action Plan for the Implementation of UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Le 9 May 2017

Paris, 9 May 2017 Sherpa welcomes the publication, on April 26th 2017, of a National Action Plan (NAP) for the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We now call upon the next government to take the steps set out in the NAP, and remain attentive to the expectations of civil […]

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The close interdependance between transnational corporations criminality and human rights and environmental international law violations: Bhopal case lessons

Le 13 April 2017

By José Elias Esteve Molto, Associate professor of public international law and international relations, and secretary of Valencia University’s Human Rights Institute. Analysis developed within the framework of the « New Challenges of International Law » project of the Ministry of Economics and Innovation, Redes de Excelencia DER2015-69273-REDT. The author wishes to thank author Javier Moro for […]

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France adopts corporate duty of vigilance law: a first historic step towards better human rights and environmental protection

Le 21 February 2017

22 February 2017: The French Parliament adopted a much-awaited law establishing a duty of vigilance obligation for parent and subcontracting companies. The law marks an historic step towards improving corporate respect for human rights and the environment. We call on European countries, the EU institutions, and the international community to develop similar legislation. 5 years ago, […]

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Multinational Corporations’ Duty of Care: One Step Closer to the Final Adoption of the Bill

Le 6 December 2016

Wednesday, 30th November 2016 – Yesterday, the Members of the French National Assembly passed the Bill on the duty of care of parent companies and commissioning companies on third reading. Although stakeholders were hoping for a more ambitious statute, this Bill – which has gone through an eventful legislative process for the last three years – […]

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