Feedbacks on the Rifaat Al Assad trial, a landmark step against ill-gotten gains

Le 20 December 2019

Prosecution against Rifaat Al Assad started after a complaint filed by Sherpa in 2013 leading to a historic trial making the suppression of money laundering at the heart of discussions. From December 9 to 17, the trial against Rifaat Al Assad, Hafez Al Assad’s brother and current Syrian ruler Bachar Al Assad’s uncle, was held. […]

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The Balkany scandal lifts the veil on offshore mecanisms unknown to the public

Le 24 October 2019

FILE PHOTO: Mayor of Levallois-Perret Patrick Balkany is surrounded by journalists as he arrives for his trial at the Paris courthouse, France, May 13, 2019. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier/File Photo
The Balkany trial must not hide the role played by bank and financial intermediaries in the proliferation of illicit financial flows, antimoney laundering experts Chanez Mensous and Laura Rousseau say in the opinion pages of Le Monde newspaper. Convicted for tax fraud after a blaring trial, Levallois-Perret mayor Patrick Balkany was sentenced to four years […]

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African money laundering: Sherpa files a complaint against a BNP Paribas subsidiary in Monaco

Le 13 November 2013

Paris, on 13 November 2013 On 12 November 2013, Sherpa filed a complaint against BNP Paribas Wealth Management in Monaco with the Public Prosecutor in Paris on the charges of: aggravated fraud committed by an organised group, fraudulent handling, tax evasion and aggravated money laundering of the profits of criminal offence committed by an organised […]

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