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Public Response by Sherpa to the National Action Plan for the Implementation of UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Le 9 May 2017

Paris, 9 May 2017 Sherpa welcomes the publication, on April 26th 2017, of a National Action Plan (NAP) for the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We now call upon the next government to take the steps set out in the NAP, and remain attentive to the expectations of civil […]

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Lafarge admits having provided funds to armed groups in Syria

Le 2 March 2017

cimenterie syrie_1 C Le Monde
Paris – March 2nd, 2017 Following our complaint for financing terrorism and complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity on November 15th 2016, LafargeHolcim admits it “provided funds to third parties to work out arrangements with a number of these armed groups, including sanctioned parties, in order to maintain operations and ensure safe passage […]

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France adopts corporate duty of vigilance law: a first historic step towards better human rights and environmental protection

Le 21 February 2017

22 February 2017: The French Parliament adopted a much-awaited law establishing a duty of vigilance obligation for parent and subcontracting companies. The law marks an historic step towards improving corporate respect for human rights and the environment. We call on European countries, the EU institutions, and the international community to develop similar legislation. 5 years ago, […]

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Multinational Corporations’ Duty of Care: One Step Closer to the Final Adoption of the Bill

Le 6 December 2016

Wednesday, 30th November 2016 – Yesterday, the Members of the French National Assembly passed the Bill on the duty of care of parent companies and commissioning companies on third reading. Although stakeholders were hoping for a more ambitious statute, this Bill – which has gone through an eventful legislative process for the last three years – […]

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French company Lafarge sued for Financing ISIS and Complicity in War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Syria

Le 15 November 2016

cimenterie syrie_1 C Le Monde
Paris, 15th November 2016 Sherpa and the ECCHR (European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights), as well as 11 complainants who are former Syrian employees, represented by maître Marie Dosé and maître Jean-Christophe Ménard, are filing suit against cement-manufacturer Lafarge and its subsidiary Lafarge Cement Syria (LCS) for its actions in Syria. By having business […]

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Ill- gotten gains : Teodoro Obiang has been referred to court

Le 7 September 2016

Paris, 7th September 2016. The order to refer the son of the Equatorial Guinea President’s Teodoro NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE to the criminal court has been given Monday 5th September. This decision is following 23rd May prosecutor’s indictment of the Attorney General. A date should be fixed soon for his trial. For the first time, a high […]

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Opening of the Defamation Suit Brought by Vinci against Sherpa in the Case of the Qatar Construction Sites

Le 22 June 2016

Paris, June 22nd 2016 On Thursday June 23rd, the suit brought by VINCI Construction Grands Projets and its Qatari subsidiary QDVC against Sherpa will be heard by the 17th Chamber of the Paris Civil Court, starting at 1:30 pm.   Press Contact: Lisa Rieux, Communication officer : +33 (0)1 42 21 33 25 / +33 […]

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Business and human rights: the world is still waiting for action

Le 16 June 2016

Business and human rights: the world is still waiting for action The international community adopted the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) in June 2011, pledging to address adverse impacts of business activities. Five years later, the progress made is minimal.   Nike’s use of child labourers was a big issue in […]

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Vote at the French National Assembly of the Sapin II bill : a mixed statement

Le 9 June 2016

Paris, 9 June 2016   After the ‘Sapin II’ Bill was examined by the French National Assembly from 6 to 9 June, some progress was made towards ensuring better protection for whistleblowers, fighting corruption and regulating lobbies. However, the text does contain a number of gaps which will need to be filled when the Bill […]

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Ill-Gotten Gains: The Public Prosecutor Requests the Opening of a Trial against Obiang

Le 26 May 2016

teodoro obiang
  Paris, 26 May 2016   SHERPA and TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL FRANCE are pleased that the Financial Public Prosecutor has at long last signed an indictment of Mister Teodoro NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE, son of the President of Equatorial Guinea, for referral before the Paris Criminal Court.   Provided that the investigating magistrates soon make an order […]

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Sapin II: Progress on Whistleblowers, Status Quo on the Anti-Corruption Agency, Regression in the Fight against Corruption

Le 26 May 2016

Under-the-table transactions...
Paris, 26 May 2016   The Sapin II Bill was examined by the Law Committee on 25 May 2016. Certain measures were passed, some of which were based on Anticor and Sherpa’s recommendations, thus increasing the Bill’s reach. However, in order to meet the ambitious aim to suppress corruption, further provisions should be passed during […]

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NGOs welcome support of European Parliamentarians for duty of care legislation of EU corporations towards people affected by their activities

Le 18 May 2016

carton vert
Brussels – 18 May 2016 Today, eight national parliaments launched a “green card” initiative at European Union (EU) level to ensure corporate accountability for human rights abuses. Prompted by Member of the French Parliament Danielle Auroi, the initiative calls for a duty of care towards individuals and communities from EU-based companies whose human rights and local […]

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NGOs file a complaint against Vinci Russia for corruption of foreign public officials in Khimki Forest motorway case

Le 10 May 2016

khimki forest
Paris, Prague 10 May 2016 A complaint filed last week is requesting an investigation into alleged corruption involving French company Vinci in the construction of a controversial motorway through Khimki Forest near Moscow. The complaint was filed to Nanterre’s chief investigating judge by civil society groups Sherpa and CEE Bankwatch Network, activists Evgenia Tchirikova and […]

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#StopTradeSecrets : Before the EU Directive has even passed, some Senators try to introduce trade secret protection in the ‘Digital’ Bill

Le 26 April 2016

Paris, 26 April 2016 On Wednesday 26 April, the Senate’s Committee on Social Affairs passed an amendment introducing the notion of trade secret in the Bill on the Digital Republic. This Bill, which is above all supposed to guarantee citizens’ access to public data, thus creates a discretionary right to secrecy.   Indeed, access to […]

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Civil society calls on G7 countries to renew commitment to business and human rights at Ise-Shima Summit

Le 22 April 2016

April 15, 2016 To the countries of the Group of Seven (G7): We, the undersigned representatives of civil society, are concerned that the forthcoming G7 Summit at Ise-Shima, Japan, will fail to adequately address the grave human rights violations and environmental destruction that continue throughout global supply chains. Effective measures are needed urgently to ensure […]

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