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Multinationals and Human Rights: CAC 40 companies give their opinion

Le 5 June 2014

5 June 2014 – 30 companies* responded to a questionnaire on United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Businesses and Human Rights issued by civil society organisations and responsible investors. It is the first time that French companies have spoken publicly about the subject since the Rana Plaza collapsed one year ago. Though most of them claim […]

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Rana Plaza factory collapse: A preliminary investigation is being launched after a complaint has been filed against Auchan

Le 27 May 2014

Rana Plaza - © Munir Uz Zaman - AFP - Getty Images
Paris, 27 May 2014 – French NGOs Sherpa, Peuples Solidaires and Collectif Ethique sur l’étiquette filed a complaint against French supermarket chain Groupe AUCHAN with Lille Public Prosecutor on 24 April 2014. They welcome the decision of 26 May 2014 to launch a preliminary investigation. AUCHAN claims to be in control of manufacturing conditions and […]

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Charges filed against French group Auchan for misleading commercial practices after Rana Plaza collapse

Le 24 April 2014

RANA PLAZA COLLAPSE: AUCHAN ACCUSED OF HAVING DECEIVED ITS CUSTOMERS Paris, 24 April 2014 – One year to the day after the collapse of Rana Plaza, which cost the lives of 1,138 people and injured more than 2,000 others, French associations Sherpa, Peuples Solidaires and Collectif Ethique sur l’étiquette have lodged a complaint against Groupe Auchan […]

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Mauritania-China Fisheries Agreement: Civil Society Appeals to EU and Mauritanian Government

Le 17 April 2014

Port de l'amité Mauritanie - dar-hydraulique
Paris, 17 April 2014 – The exploitation of fishing resources represents a strategic challenge for the Mauritanian economy. The fishing industry is largest foreign exchange earner after mining and accounts for 10% of the country’s GDP, between 35% and 50% of exports and nearly 36% of jobs[1].  In order to protect the prosperity of the […]

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Anti-Corruption Activist Grégory Ngbwa Mintsa Dies on Thursday, 10 April 2014 after Cancer Battle

Le 11 April 2014

Gregory Mintsa
It is with profound regret that we have learned of the death of Grégory Ngbwa Mintsa, an ardent human rights defender and long-standing Sherpa partner. Ngbwa Mintsa was a political and humanist activist who relentlessly fought injustice and impunity in Gabon. He condemned the misappropriation of public funds and supported the complaint filed by Sherpa […]

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Teodorin Nguema Obiang indicted in the case of the ill-gotten gains

Le 20 March 2014

Paris, 20 March 2014 – On Wednesday 19 March 2014, Teodorin Nguema Obiang, Equatorial Guinea’s vice president was indicted by the examining magistrates of the Paris Regional Court for money laundering in the case of the ill-gotten gains. It is a crucial step since it allows a trial to begin in Paris although the investigation […]

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Complaint accuses international timber company DLH of trading illegal timber and funding Liberian war

Le 13 March 2014

Paris, 13 March 2014 – Sherpa, Global Witness, Greenpeace France and Liberian NGO Green Advocates have today filed a legal complaint before the Senior Magistrate of the Regional Court of Montpellier against the French arm of Danish timber giant Dalhoff, Larsen and Horneman (DLH).The groups allege that during the civil war in Liberia from 2000-2003, […]

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Will CAC-40 get away with its activities in tax haven? – New study by Revue Projet in conjunction with the Tax and Legal Havens platform

Le 13 February 2014

New study by Revue Projet in conjunction with the “Tax and Legal Havens platform” (PPFJ) into the tax haven presence of French companies in the CAC-40 index Why would the companies in the CAC-40 index have 1548 offshore subsidiaries, listed by Revue Projet (1)? Tax evasion or promotion of “Made in France” abroad? In order […]

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“Canfin” law: Will French government give up on regulating multinationals’ activities?

Le 10 February 2014

Paris, 10 February 2014 – The French National Assembly will debate today on the orientation and programming Law on Development and International Solidarity policy. As such, this draft bill would allow significant progress regarding the regulation of multinational companies’ activities in Southern countries. However, the French government might reduce the impact of this bill by […]

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The Islamic Development Bank postpones its decision to fund the extension project of the power plant in Nouakchott

Le 29 January 2014

Paris, 29 January 2014 – Sherpa wishes to express its surprise at the last press release issued by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) on 28 January 2014. The organisation recalls that the IDB contacted us a few months after receiving a memorandum, resulting from a survey carried out by Sherpa’s teams, concerning the strong presumptions […]

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The Islamic Development Bank drops funding for the expansion of the Nouakchott power plant in Mauritania

Le 15 January 2014

Paris, 15 January 2014 –The Sherpa association was pleased to be informed on Friday, 10 January 2014 that the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) had dropped its plan to fund the expansion of the power plant in Nouakchott, Mauritania. Sherpa favourably welcomed this decision, which had constituted an over-the-counter contract awarded by the Mauritanian company SOMELEC […]

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Bangladesh Tragedy: Government Passes Buck to EU

Le 4 December 2013

Paris, 4 December 2013 The proposals put forward by the French Minister for Foreign Trade do not include binding CSR provisions, thus they will join a long list of proposals that will not see the light of day. Our organisations are disappointed that the French government did not take advantage of the opportunity to suggest […]

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African money laundering: Sherpa files a complaint against a BNP Paribas subsidiary in Monaco

Le 13 November 2013

Paris, on 13 November 2013 On 12 November 2013, Sherpa filed a complaint against BNP Paribas Wealth Management in Monaco with the Public Prosecutor in Paris on the charges of: aggravated fraud committed by an organised group, fraudulent handling, tax evasion and aggravated money laundering of the profits of criminal offence committed by an organised […]

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2013 Financial Secrecy Index: European Tax Havens blacklisted

Le 7 November 2013

7 November 2013 – The Tax Justice Network (TNJ), along with the Tax and judiciary haven platform (la Plateforme des paradis fiscaux et judiciaries) is publishing today its 2013 financial secrecy ranking. OECD countries, especially European countries, far from being winners in the struggle against tax havens, are directly concerned. The European Union which is […]

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Tax fraud laws: minimal advances

Le 6 November 2013

Paris, 6 November 2013 The draft law related to the fight against tax fraud and serious economic and financial crimes was adopted by the French Parliament. Some progress has been made: The associations fighting against corruption will be able to file civil suits. However, Sherpa regrets that this progress is tempered by the obligation for […]

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